Meet the Flock

Peeps in the Neighborhood


In this Frederick Chickens flock, there are six girls:

  1. Fluff  is an Aracauna mix, or maybe an Easter Egger. We expect to lay either green or blue eggs. She is skittish, runs in the wrong directions, and some say she reminds them of Heihei, the rooster in ‘Moana.’
  2. Nemo isa friendly and curious Buff Orpington with one “lucky” wing that has been missing feathers since she was just a wee peep.
  3. Ralph is our Black Australorp, the Australian version of a Buff Orpington. They are known for their stellar egg production and easygoing nature. Make no mistake, Ralph is a she.
  4. Peep is just as sweet as the marshmallow treat. As a chick, she was yellow, fluffy, and friendly. Like Nemo, she is a Buff Orpington, too.
  5. Rose is a Golden Laced Wyandotte with a delicate pattern of black and red on her feathers. These birds have rose combs and hers is extra special – it has a tiny bump, like a unicorn, which is how I tell her apart from Rue.
  6. Rue is one lucky hen, because for the longest time we thought she actually was a roo, or rooster. Her comb and wattles developed quickly and turned a deep pink early on. Lucky for her, and us, we our chicken palace can be her forever home. We think Rue rules the roost, and is the Mother Hen for the flock.