Chicken Start-Up Guide

Fresh eggs. Clucking hens. Cute rain boots. Sweet baby peeps.

All these things might have you dreaming of your very own backyard flock. But first, there’s a lot to know before you make your dream come true. Don’t worry, we’ll help. These steps are for people living in Frederick, Maryland, but they likely will apply to others as well. Let’s get started.

Your Backyard Chicken Start-Up Guide

  1. Chicken Rules & Licenses. Can you even keep chickens in The City of Frederick? Do you need a license? We can help answer these questions. Get started.
  2. Chicks and Supplies. Resources to help you find your peeps, coop, and feed.
  3. Chicken Care. What if you need help with keeping your flock healthy and happy? Here are some local chicken resources to help you care for your chickens.